Holistic Wellness & Spiritual Coaching

Tammy Anderson L.Ac. combines her 20+ years of knowledge and expertise in holistic health and spiritual growth to act as a guide to help you heal and grow.

Holistic Wellness & Spiritual Coaching is a powerful practice that helps you access your full potential in a deep transformative way, activate your spiritual power, and make potent transformational changes. These sessions are for anyone who; is open to holistic healing techniques, want to understand their Inner Healer, feel better, have more energy and have a more fulfilling life, is willing to work on themselves but is not sure how to start or how to stay on track, feels stuck on their healing journey, wants to shift from victim mentality to personal empowerment, wants encouragement, understanding, undivided attention and guidance on your healing journey.

Together we explore the connection to mind-body-spirit, identify the root of the physical, emotional, and mental blockages that are limiting you, address the challenges you have experienced, and reset dysfunctional mechanisms to achieve your goals. We address fears, limiting thoughts, traumas, chronic physical and emotional pain, family relationships, ancestral influences, and more to move into transformational healing opportunities. Some of the tools we may use during our coaching include: breathwork and meditation, guided imagery and visualization, diet and food recommendations, lab analysis, exercise and movement, qigong, trauma release -MA technique, and more.

Gain inspiration to live in harmony to your dreams, rather than staying stuck in your fears. You are so much more than the false identities you have created for yourself!

E-mail for more information and scheduling.