Eclipse Cosmic Water


Eclipse Cosmic Water


Transformation Blend

Eclipses are about the light being dampened so that we may see into the dark.  The parts of ourselves we don’t like to see (our shadow self) is revealed so that we may connect our fragmented pieces bringing wholeness as we connect to the higher spiritual frequencies. The sun and moon become One. This blend of 11 different essential oils, gem elixirs, and eclipse water contains cosmic energies assisting your healing and transformation.

1-oz spray bottle

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A blend of 11 essential oils, gem elixirs, and cosmically charged eclipse water.

  1. Eliminates what is stagnated to open us up to spiritual harmony.

  2. Helps us feel empowered by allowing us to see how we are unique and support our abilities.

  3. Release negative emotions to bring clarity to our true path. Helps to gain wisdom, compassion and healing, can help to break compulsive mental worry patterns, grounding.

  4. Opens communications by opening intuition and receptivity. To help bring inner peace, acceptance, and confidence based on inner attunement and compassion.

  5. Brings relationship to our self, to others, to our work, and to the Divine into the light.

  6. Brings spiritual transformation as we identify the patterns that hold us back and release them. Purification and banishing negative energies.

  7. Helps us release the parts of our ego which hold us back from connecting with our soul, as well as feelings of unworthiness and insecurity. Once we connect with our spiritual side, we can embrace our true purpose in the world and become more spiritually driven rather than ego driven. Considered as food for the gods, used for purification, consecration, meditation, and spiritual understanding.

  8. A holy anointing oil highly treasured for spiritual use aids in purification, protection, and banishing negative energies.

  9. Cleansing to the mind and spirit, opens the heart centers. Increase clarity of mind, to refresh the spirit, energize and purify, promote compassion and love.

  10. Helps us be completely in our power and be present energetically in the moment. Accelerates self-actualization by keeping us in the present, and gathering many of our scattered parts in the different etheric levels. It opens the heart and releases emotions of powerless and self-imposed restriction. Used for centering, focus of intent, to clear mental confusion, dispels fear and worries, attracts positive energies, happiness, soothes restlessness, hysteria and shock.

  11. Connects with Divine source and mother Earth. Purification, cleansing of sacred space and ritual objects, dispel negative energy, protection, inner strength, understanding.

Created in Salem, OR by Tammy Anderson, L.Ac. during the 2017 total solar eclipse.