Ground and Center - Earth Phase Essential Oil Blend


Ground and Center - Earth Phase Essential Oil Blend

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This essential oil blend brings stability to body, mind, and spirit. It harmonizes the emotions of worry, obsessive thoughts, neediness, and selfishness while calming the mind. This allows the embodiment of integrity, thoughtfulness, and empathy required to give and receive nurturing.

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Tangerine – helps sort out the details and possibilities.

Marjoram – comforts, nurtures, and gives stability. Helps transform emotions so one can receive nourishment allowing one’s true nature to be restored.

Vertiver – reminds one of the importance of self-nurturing on all levels (body, mind, spirit).

Sandalwood – Calms the mind (Yi).

Frankincense – helps to clarify, calm and center the mind, stops mental chatter and encourages insight.