Ignite Creativity - Fire Phase Essential Oil Blend


Ignite Creativity - Fire Phase Essential Oil Blend


This essential oil blend ignites the spark of creativity and reawakens the inner child to help manifest your dreams to live your heart’s desire. It harmonizes the emotions of anxiety, nervousness, seriousness, and restlessness while encouraging spontaneity of fun, enjoyment, and playfulness.

Ingredients: red mandarin, rosemary, ylang ylang, spikenard, neroli, melissa, patchouli

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Rosemary - supports one’s Ture Nature, establishes spontaneity, and helps heart spirit connect to one’s inner potential
Ylang ylang – calms the heart and helps one connect through intimacy
Spikenard – instills inner peace through self-acceptance, allows one to surrender to spiritual certainty , alleviates anxiety
Melissa – reawakens spontaneity of inner child on deepest levels and replaces agitation and distrust with innocence and serenity